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If religious e- marketing mission churches founded on a formal mandate from hell to drive there the souls of all those whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb , we want to turn our exercise the divine mandate to invite the souls of the son of God in their Hi ! They are sellers of souls to hell entrepreneurs , we are collectors of souls through this call son of God to return to their homeland , God in His Messenger Prophet !

Although we can not identify all the reasons that led us to this line Media. What is certain is that by this provision and thanks to the many training followed for the occasion, we also wanted to demystify the professionalisation of this tool for the free gift .

We received free and we also want to give back for free. We are aware that the Internet is becoming more and more demanding, and the quality in the illustrations is now essential to ensure a marketing worthy of the name . Message and greatest of our generation borrows it not to get a place in the media world according to the standards of e -marketing.

Skills , professional rigor and determination without any concessions are put at the service of the division to offer the world the colorful Ark Kacou Philippe for it overcomes the throes of divination and confusion , in which churches have plunged . And that even through the variation of one of the major symbols of the vision of April 24 , that the people who were in the dark, finally sees the light !

Skills and passion to sharing , and for the world. The Message is a free product and free product for eternal life!